Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A week with Aunt Vicki, and a really long post!

The week of March 28th, the girls were on Spring Break and Aunt Vicki came to spend the week with us. So, thanks to my Library Adventure Pass, we had lots of fun things planned. Tuesday we went to Dinosaur Ridge, it is a spot where they have found lots of Dinosaur bones and tracks on the mountain, so we took a little bus ride around and got to see lots of cool things!
That darker spot on the rock behind Mia is a dinosaur bone
Then on Wednesday we went to the Wildlife Experience which is just a small museum about wildlife, but they had this cool exhibit on frogs that usually isn't there, so we really liked the frogs!

Then on Thursday I got tickets for Ariana, Tycee, Vicki and I for Disney on Ice. It was the Princess Classics. The girls had a lot of fun and absolutely loved it!! Ariana said to me after, that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Unfortunately for us poor people it kindof is! We usually can't afford stuff like this, but I am glad we were able to this time.

These were our seats! Second row on the lower level!!
Friday we went for a hike, and you can see more about this day in the next post!!
Saturday was Conference, so we spent the day listening to conference, and making scrapbook pages of our week. Thanks for coming Aunt Vicki!! We had lots of fun!!

April Fools!!

I don't typically do anything for April Fool's, but this year I did, and I have to admit, it was kindof mean, but I had a good laugh!!
I was out for a hike with the girls while Aunt Vicki was in town, and Sal and I had plans to go on a date that night. So Sal let me know that he was home early from work and waiting for me. About a half hour later we were on our way home, and I decided to pull this prank. I sent Sal this text:
"Tycee fell, I think she broke her arm, on the way to the hospital"
Now, let me put in here that I really didn't think he would believe me with it being April Fool's and all, but here are the text's that followed;
Sal: "Oh...Crap!"
I didn't respond
Sal: "I will meet you there"
I still didn't respond
Sal: "Sky Ridge Hospital?"
Me: "ya"
Sal: "call me"
So at this point I was laughing pretty hard, and I was just going to have Tycee run in the house and shout "April Fool's" but I was afraid he was really going to take off to the hospital before I got home so I called him and he didn't even say hello, he just said "what happened?!?!" so I had everyone shout in the phone "April Fools!!" He was so mad!!!! He said I was going to have to take him to the hospital cause he was going to kick my butt so hard it was going to break his leg! Then he told Tycee to tell me that he was not laughing!! I apologized, but was still laughing pretty hard!! He did say that at first he didn't really believe me, but because I wasn't responding to him, that I was carrying Tycee or something and couldn't respond so that is when he started to believe it. He did admit later that he would have laughed if he had done it to me!

Monday, February 7, 2011


It may just be me, but I think homemade decorations are WAY BETTER than any decoration I can buy in the store!! This little beauty was made by Tycee, with no help at all!!

Mia's day out

I got a free pass to the Wildlife Experience, so Mia and I went, just the two of us, and it was a lot of fun!! She was a little scared at first, there are a lot of animals, and weird noises, but after a while I think she realized that they weren't real, so she liked looking at them. Then, at the end, we got the chance to touch a real snake, I didn't think she would do it, but I guess by then she was over her fears, and she touched it no problem!! It was a lot of fun to go out with just her, I usually try and do things when all of us can go, but I realized I am not going to have her alone all day much longer, so I need to spend a lot of quality time with her, especially with her being my last baby!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and the best wishes for the New Year!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Sal and I had our 10th Anniversary on the 1st of December, and he took me to this amazing restaurant, The Fort. It was so cute, and the atmosphere was so nice and quiet, yet fun at the same time. The food was amazing as well. I had a lamb shank, and Sal had a buffalo steak. It was a great night!! I can't believe that it has been 10 years, it went so fast, and although we have had our ups and downs, I wouldn't change anything for the world!! I love you so much!!

This is what they made us wear, then they did a huzzah for us with the whole restaurant!! If you can't tell, I am wearing a fox, and Sal has a huge buffalo hat on. (You can see them better in the next picture.)
This couple was there celebrating their 50th!! He came over to congratulate us, and to give us a little advice. He said, "No matter what happens, or no matter the situation, she is always right!!" They were so cute!!

Thanksgiving, and a little Christmas!

This year for Thanksgiving, I was so excited to have ALL of my family come to my house!!!! It was crowded, but so much fun!! So the total number of people was 22, 11 adults and 11 kids, amazing, but we actually got everyone at the table in my dining, and family room!!
And of course, the best part of Thanksgiving, we had a total of 12 pies!!!! Thanks Nikki for making them all!!
We decided that since the whole family was together, we would do our gift exchange, so we had a little Christmas in November!!

We decided to just get a fake tree this year, kindof sad after how much I loved my real tree last year, but I think it turned out pretty cute!! Mia, being the goofball that she is, put on her "socks"!!
And Poki found her new favorite spot!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ariana turned 9 on the 14th of October, and it just completely scares me that next year she will be a pre-teen!!!! Anyway, the day of her birthday, we just had a cake for her and opened some presents, she got some movies, a new scripture case, a new bike, and a couple of gift cards, and of all of it, the gift cards were her favorite!! She had a ball shopping for what ever she wanted, (I wonder where she gets that from?) and felt so grown up being able to pay for the stuff herself, she bought some clothes, a couple more movies, and some little kits that have makeup, and little notepads and stuff in it. Then the next day we took her and one of her friends to a place called Li'l Biggs. It is kindof like a Chuck-e-Cheese, with pizza and games and they had a bunch of bounce house stuff.

Then , Sal's birthday was the 11th of November, and we just had a few friends over for dinner, then had cake, and yes, I put all 33 candles on the cake!!

Tycee for some reason had her vampire teeth in, and Mia was wearing one of my old dance dresses, I have no idea why, anyway, it was lots of fun!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Sal did some work for this Swim School, and in return they gave our girls some free Swim lessons. They absolutely loved it, even Mia was so excited to go to swim class every week. I was so amazed at how well she did, she just took right off and did everything the teacher wanted her to do.

Jumping in the water
Learning how to kick with legs up behind her

Learning how to hold herself and walk along the wall

and learning how to swim under water

Ariana and Tycee almost didn't even need lessons, they could already do everything they were being taught, they loved it anyway!!