Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A week with Aunt Vicki, and a really long post!

The week of March 28th, the girls were on Spring Break and Aunt Vicki came to spend the week with us. So, thanks to my Library Adventure Pass, we had lots of fun things planned. Tuesday we went to Dinosaur Ridge, it is a spot where they have found lots of Dinosaur bones and tracks on the mountain, so we took a little bus ride around and got to see lots of cool things!
That darker spot on the rock behind Mia is a dinosaur bone
Then on Wednesday we went to the Wildlife Experience which is just a small museum about wildlife, but they had this cool exhibit on frogs that usually isn't there, so we really liked the frogs!

Then on Thursday I got tickets for Ariana, Tycee, Vicki and I for Disney on Ice. It was the Princess Classics. The girls had a lot of fun and absolutely loved it!! Ariana said to me after, that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity!! Unfortunately for us poor people it kindof is! We usually can't afford stuff like this, but I am glad we were able to this time.

These were our seats! Second row on the lower level!!
Friday we went for a hike, and you can see more about this day in the next post!!
Saturday was Conference, so we spent the day listening to conference, and making scrapbook pages of our week. Thanks for coming Aunt Vicki!! We had lots of fun!!

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